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Converter RS-422

Model: MD-USB2RS422-PL


  • Maximum baud rate 921600 bps
  • Built-in termination and biasing resistors
  • Transmit, Receive and Power LEDs for easy port monitoring and diagnostic
  • The transmitter of the converter is always enabled
  • Powered by USB port (no external power adapter required)
  • Easy plug and play installation and RS-422 device connection
  • Installed as standard Virtual Windows COM port

Price:   2 350

20 - 99 ₽2 180
100 - 499 ₽1 840
500 - 999 ₽1 660

USB USB 1.1 Compliant, 2.0, 3.0 Compatible
USB connector Type A
Baud Rates From 300 to 921600 bps
Receive Buffer 256/384 bytes
Transmit Buffer 256/128 bytes
RS-422 connector DB25 Male
Serial Interface RS-422 4-wire full duplex
Termination 120 Ohm between the R+ and R- receive lines
Bias 1 kOhm pull-up/pull-down resistors on the R+ and R- receive lines
Distance Up to 1200 m at the rate of 9600 bps
Indication LEDs Transmit, Receive and Power
Handshake/flow control Automatic Send Data Control
Power Powered by USB port (no external power adapter required)
Current Consumption <100mA
Dimensions DB25 case and 850 mm cable
Operating system Windows XP, 7/8/8.1/10, Mac OS 8, OS 9, OS X 10.3 to 10.9 and above, Linux.
Chipset Prolific PL2303HX
Software driver Official Prolific Technology Inc. driver
Operating Temperature -40 °C…+85 °C




 Driver download page (official Prolific site)

 Windows driver v1.18.0B (direct link to zip-archive from Prolific site)