MACDEL Electronics, Inc.
18 Stromynka St., Moscow, 107076, Russia  tel/fax: +7 495 989 73 55

JSC “MACDEL – Electronics” was founded in 2005. The creation of a private company was the result of a synthesis of more than 15 years of experience in the development of embedded electronics devices, interface cards for IBM-compatible computers and software for them.

At the moment company activities are created, development and production of high-tech embedded electronics for industrial equipment and medical equipment.

The company has accumulated rich experience in the use of DSP, ARM SoC, PIC and FPGA. This combination of modern electronics decisions provides the best solution of the problems of a particular customer.

The main focus of the company’s personnel is on developing reliable hardware and software for responsible applications.

When developing software, priority is given to the use of open source software for Linux and Android operating systems.