MACDEL Electronics, Inc.
18 Stromynka St., Moscow, 107076, Russia  tel/fax: +7 495 989 73 55
  • DSP modules
     DSP modules

    The company has extensive experience using DSP Analog Devices, Inc., in conjunction with Altera FPGA from Intel Corp.

    Family of uHost, uHost-BF1, uHost-BF2 modules is result of our efforts.

    DSP modules are optimized for sensors data acquisition and processing.

    Cyclone family Altera FPGA from Intel Corp. provides flexible and scalable solution for customer applications.

    All the developed processor modules allow updating user software, FPGA projects and other sectors of Flash-ROM in them without opening the device cover via RS-422 serial port with the help of the corresponding service PC software.

  • USB converters
     USB converters

    These converters provide the conversion of USB bus signals into differential pairs of signals of the serial asynchronous 4-wires RS-422 or 2-wires RS-485 interface.

    Converters are designed for easy connections to commercial and industrial equipment such as point-of-sale peripherals, scientific instrumentation, laboratory and medical equipment and other devices in conditions where voltage spikes, surges and others crosstalk may occur.

    Converters are ideal for applications requiring long distance.